IndiaBJP, PDP hit back on Omar’s ‘War against people in Kashmir’ remarks

BJP, PDP hit back on Omar’s ‘War against people in Kashmir’ remarks


Tawi, August 7 : Former Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah has posed
one question to Government of . Has the centre launched a war
against people in ? And he himself has answered this question
by referring to injuries to several thousand people and the death of
55 people during the last about one month.

Those belonging to the PDP and the BJP, including Nizam-ud-Din Bhat and Ashok Khajuria has posted a counter question to Omar? Had the Congress led UPA Government launched a war against people in Kashmir in 2010 when several hundred people were wounded and over 120 people were killed in clashes between protesters and security forces?

Ashok Khajuria blamed the separatists, backed by militants, for
triggering violence in Kashmir and the Government of India in general
and the state Government in particular had to curb violence before the incidents of violence cause enormous damage to the basic infrastructure in the valley.

Other PDP and BJP leaders said that Omar is not the person to
question the modus operandii adopted by the centre when he had failed
to curb violence in 2010. The incidents of violence had continued for
five months in 2010 and now just one month has passed when Hizbul
Mujahideen militant was killed and the situation has
started showing signs of improvement. Had not the separatists,
militants and agencies across the LOC been trying to interfere in the
internal problem the situation would have by now improved.

A senior BJP leader referred to Nawaz Sharif's statement in
which he has offered medical aid to the wounded if they are allowed to
come to Pakistan and said that whatever  best medical aid was needed
was given to the injured and Nawaz Sharif is trying to play
over the miseries of people of Kashmir.
If any Government has launched a war against people in Kashmir
it is the establishment in Islamabad which has been openly supporting
its proxy war.

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