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EntertainmentAndrew Scott shines in Netflix's limited series Ripley, a visually striking adaptation...

Andrew Scott shines in Netflix’s limited series Ripley, a visually striking adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s classic novels


Netflix's new limited series “Ripley” brings to life the intrigue around an ambitious yet deceptive man in a visually striking way. Andrew Scott delivers a standout performance in the title role of Tom Ripley, adapted from Patricia Highsmith's classic novels.

Set across beautiful locations in Italy, the gripping story follows Tom Ripley as he inserts himself into the lavish lifestyle of Dickie Greenleaf, played by Johnny Flynn, and his wealthy social circle. However, Tom harbors darker desires and will go to extreme lengths to maintain his fraudulent new identity.

Robert Elswit's stunning cinematography transports viewers straight to the gorgeous European backdrops and enhances the mood of rising secrecy and tension. Special attention is given to detail throughout the series, from the costumes to intricate sequences of coverups.

Leading man Andrew Scott is mesmerizing in his portrait of Tom Ripley, exquisitely balancing the character's charm with underlying instability. Co-stars Dakota Fanning and Johnny Flynn are equally compelling as those caught in Ripley's web of deception.

Under the visionary direction of Steven Zaillian, “Ripley” proves a tour de force limited series that will keep audiences guessing until the final frame. Fans of psychological thrillers and sumptuous period pieces will find much to admire in this creditable adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's seminal works.

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