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EditorialA poll-time bait!

A poll-time bait!


A sudden cut in prices of cooking gas cylinders without any change in the market though a welcome move for the commoner, it however, has raised many questions to this apparent generosity which people feel cannot be without some political motives and manoeuvre. What is intriguing is the fact that taking such a decision without any supporting logic is a bit mysterious that may not fetch the government expected political dividend.

It is strange that during the poll time, the government somehow manages to contain the prices of petroleum products whether it is Petrol, diesel or the LPG cylinders because earlier also during the time when Uttar Pradesh, , Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur were supposed to go for elections, the Modi Government did some kind of strange manoeuvring by going into stage of months long hiatus on prices of petroleum products and the same was called off soon after the end of polls exposing the ploy to woo electorate or one can say trap voters for next term of the government.

Although the step was taken giving reasons which were not even close to what has been done on ground. During that time also the rates were supposed to be revised on a daily basis, but state-owned fuel retailers froze rates when the campaigning for election to five states started despite the cost of raw material spiralling. The freeze continued till the end of the state elections in aforesaid states.

This time also the reports have averred that the move to cut LPG rates has been initiated as Modi Government's bountiful gesture towards people on the festivals of Raksha Bandhan and Onam, which seems to be questionable because earlier also many festivals came but the government never thought of doing something of this sort.

One thing which is forcing everyone to ponder is that like the case discussed earlier, there is election time and the move to cut LPG costs seems to have a connection with the upcoming polls in various states of the country including MP.

BJP leadership reportedly has been refusing to link the decision with elections saying it was a gift from the Modi government to women on the occasion of Onam and Raksha Bandhan but the electorate is smart enough to gauge what is what and therefore it is advisable to leave the final decision on the people of the country to judge by themselves and give credits to the helmsmen accordingly whether in polls or otherwise.

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