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Life StyleWhy You Should Limit Your Shower Time During A Heatwave

Why You Should Limit Your Shower Time During A Heatwave


How long should your shower be during a heatwave? Experts suggest keeping it short and sweet.

With heatwaves becoming increasingly common across large parts of the country, many of us look forward to cooling off in the shower. However, lengthy bathing sessions may actually do more harm than good during scorching temperatures, according to experts.

In a recent discussion, doctors warned that prolonged exposure to hot water can leave the body more dehydrated. As dehydration is a significant risk in extreme heat, it's best to limit shower time to avoid aggravating the issue. They noted showering less also conserves water when supplies are under strain.

Specialists further explained that hot water strips away natural oils from our skin, making it prone to dryness and heat rashes. This increases discomfort levels at a time when the body needs to regulate its temperature. While instant refreshment seems appealing, cooling off internally becomes challenging with deficient hydration.

The effects are worse for those with cardiovascular illnesses like the elderly. When we open our pores in warm showers, greater heat is lost from the body. As homeostasis faces failure in the heat, existing medical conditions face added stress. Dehydration also causes blood to thicken, raising risks of clots and pulmonary embolism.

So what is the ideal shower duration according to medical professionals? Stick to 5-10 minutes under room temperature water and avoid showering during afternoons with maximum heat. Bathing a little before or after peak hours helps control body temperature better. You can also cool down with chilled towels or cold foot baths as needed. But make sure to remain hydrated with water and electrolytes at all times for your safety.

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