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Life StyleEasy exercises to improve ankle flexibility for better workouts and daily activities

Easy exercises to improve ankle flexibility for better workouts and daily activities


Stiff ankles can hamper one’s ability to exercise efficiently and perform activities of daily living smoothly. While tight calf muscles and past injuries are often the culprits, targeted mobility exercises can help regain ankle flexibility. Experts suggest incorporating a few simple routines in your workout to not only ace activities but also prevent injury.

According to physiotherapist Dr. Dharitri Rajbangshi, stretches like ankle circles performed in both directions help lubricate the joint and improve range of motion. Strengthening the muscles around the ankle through heel raises enhances stability and support. Flexing and extending toes also stretches ankle muscles while aiding balance and proprioception.

Using additional tools like resistance bands for ankle dorsiflexion stretches or foam rollers to massage lower legs can aid releasing tension to improve flexibility. Another effective stretch involves looping a towel under the ball of the foot and pulling it towards the body while seated with legs outstretched. Facing a wall with one knee bent and foot placed on the wall for leverage provides a good calf stretch.

Dynamic drills like ankle circles or writing the alphabet with toes help warm up the joint. Under guidance, targeted mobilization techniques unlock restricted movement. While frequency depends on individual needs, aiming for 2-3 sessions per week incorporating these easy routines during warm-ups or cooldowns can improve ankle mobility over time to boost workouts and daily activities. Listening to one’s body is also important to avoid aggravation of pain or injury.

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