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InternationalWhat could occur if a federal judge personally examines Prince Harry's visa...

What could occur if a federal judge personally examines Prince Harry’s visa documents?


A federal judge steps in as the Heritage Foundation seeks answers on the Prince Harry's past drug admissions and their impact on his US immigration status.

A federal judge has dismissed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from the requirement imposed on them to supply documents about their work concerning the application of Prince Harry for a visa, after the committee had refused to hand them over under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Heritage Foundation has sued the Homeland Security Department. The think tank practically invents its main slogan, which is “to examine the documentation for the research in the matter of whether Harry obliged the US government illegally or not.”

This new inquisition is what Prince Harry first looked into when he penned down his memoir in 2023, titled ‘Spare', where he admitted to having taken drugs like cocaine.

They try to get hold of documents that define how the prince entered our jurisdiction, especially as some of our visas require their applicants, even if they have come from abroad, to prove that they have not been in any difficulty with drugs and the law.

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