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EditorialUmpteen Empty Promises!

Umpteen Empty Promises!


When the people of J&K started believing in the word of government that it will change the course of life of the people by realizing colossal development and making the cities of the UT Smart enough to provide all amenities with great ease, the J&K administration did a killjoy by showing the people that it failed in providing electricity to the residents of the region with many areas facing power outage stints of more than eight hours daily.

Amidst heaps of official claims that the power supply situation in J&K will improve soon, the last one as reported, vouched for bettering the power scenario from Oct 09 go awry.  It is anybody's guess that with areas in the Union Territory reeling under dark for more than eight hours, the life and lifestyle of the people will surely head towards stone-age and not to the point promised by those running the governments. It is nothing but a mockery of the official statements and claims.

It is pathetic that the Chief Secretary, who has been heading the power-cut brigade promising moon and stars to the people, is sadly asking his subordinates to contain the cut in power supply in non-metered areas only up to eight hours.

Anyone can guess the paucity of the resources because in a day there are only 24 hours and among these eight hours going dark tells the sordid state of affairs and the status of development which has been achieved so far under the incumbents. Those having a good memory must have the idea that under popular governments in the past the power scenario was not so bad as it is today as the things have started boomeranging and J&K reaching a point from where it all started at square one.

For sure, under 8 hours power cut, no city or state can become smart because its subjects will have to struggle to study, to walk in the dark streets, to wait for power to put life in electrical and electronic gadgets which are necessary like oxygen, and above all the light, which helps eyes to see the things.

The frequent power snapping and even scheduled load shedding in combo have proved that whatever was promised was a white lie as the government today has gone directionless with no panacea in sight especially with regard to power scenario, which is the mother of all facilities in the modern day .

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