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Life StyleThe definitive guide on avoiding constipation from high protein diets

The definitive guide on avoiding constipation from high protein diets


How Much Protein is Too Much? Understanding the Link Between High Protein Diets and Digestion

With high-protein diets becoming increasingly popular for weight loss and muscle growth, many fitness enthusiasts are ramping up their protein intake. However, for some, upping protein comes with an unpleasant side effect – constipation. As a seasoned reporter, I spoke with Pooja Shah Bhave, a registered dietician, to gain expert insight into this issue.

Bhave explained that while protein itself does not directly cause constipation, high-protein plans commonly lack sufficient fiber. Fiber, found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains, plays a key role in the digestive process by adding bulk and smoothing stool passage. When fiber-rich options are replaced by protein sources like meat and eggs, constipation risk rises.

The solution, says Bhave, is choosing a balanced protein approach. She recommends deriving 15-20% of daily calories from high-quality protein foods spread throughout the day. Prioritizing varied sources from animal and plant-based options ensures one meets all essential amino acid needs. While protein provides muscle-building benefits, exceeding requirements can backfire. Bhave warns against routine excessive intake above 1g per pound of body weight, advising regular gym-goers need only half that amount.

By following a fiber-fuelled, moderate protein plan tailored to individual needs, the digestive distress of high-protein diets can be avoided. With some dietitian guidance, one can reap protein's rewards without risking the downsides of constipation. Staying fuelled yet regular is key to healthy results.

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