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Life StyleHow a husband's unconditional love and support helped his wife overcome cancer

How a husband’s unconditional love and support helped his wife overcome cancer


actress Sonali Bendre was recently diagnosed with metastatic cancer that had spread to her liver. This difficult diagnosis understandably came as a huge shock. However, through it all, her husband Goldie Behl was by her side providing unconditional love and support.

When Sonali first learned of the illness, Goldie dropped everything to be with his wife of 12 years. He flew with her to New York for further treatment and intensive immunotherapy sessions. During this emotionally and physically taxing period, Goldie was her rock – taking care of her needs, being her companion, and helping her stay positive.

According to close friends, Goldie took on more household responsibilities so Sonali could focus on healing. He also assisted with medical tasks and paperwork to relieve some stress. Through chemotherapy, Goldie helped boost Sonali's morale by doing small things like packing her favorite foods and doing video calls with their son to distract her during procedures.

The couple openly shares about relying on and trusting one another through this challenging time. Sonali credits Goldie's support for helping her maintain an optimistic outlook. Now cancer-free after months of treatment, she looks back feeling grateful for a partner who was completely devoted to her and wellbeing when she needed him most.

Their story proves the significant influence a supportive partner can have during a medical crisis situation. It serves as an inspiring reminder of the healing power of love and powering through life's biggest hurdles together as a team.

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