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InternationalTexas Governor Abbott warns migrants of alligator presence in Rio Grande River

Texas Governor Abbott warns migrants of alligator presence in Rio Grande River


Texas Governor Greg Abbott is receiving praise from residents for alerting migrants to the presence of dangerous alligators in the Rio Grande River amid the ongoing debate around border security.

As immigration policies continue to be a focal point ahead of the 2024 elections, Abbott took to X to caution those attempting to cross into the US through the Rio Grande about alligators spotted in the waters. His warning came after a local fisherman encountered an alligator while fishing in the river, with border patrol having reported sightings in the past as well.

Abbott shared a post from a journalist documenting the alligator sighting, adding “Alligators are in the Rio Grande. FYI there are warning signs posted in some sectors. Cross at your own risk.” The Governor has been vocal in his criticism of the Biden administration's approach to border enforcement and border wall construction.

Netizens reacting to Abbott's alert had mixed responses, with some suggesting the alligators could help deter crossings while others felt he was exaggerating the danger. Wildlife experts note that alligators do inhabit parts of Texas including areas near the border, and encounters have risen as their numbers increase.

As debate over border security and immigration policy intensifies ahead of the 2024 election cycle, Abbott will continue utilizing unconventional methods to draw attention to his stance on prioritizing enforcement. However critics argue such warnings risk endangering migrants and politicizing a nuanced issue.

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