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EntertainmentSongwriter calls out actors for failing to acknowledge technical crew in interviews

Songwriter calls out actors for failing to acknowledge technical crew in interviews


In a recent interview, well-known songwriter AM Turaz, who has collaborated with acclaimed director Sanjay Leela Bhansali on multiple projects, expressed his frustration with how actors often fail to acknowledge the immense efforts of the crew members who work tirelessly behind the scenes.

When commenting on the Netflix series Heeramandi, Turaz highlighted how actors tend to claim sole responsibility when a project succeeds. He stated that if performers allowed the song creators to have a voice, the technical contributors would receive more appreciation for their work.

The songwriter further noted that writers in the industry are not adequately compensated for their efforts, which negatively impacts their creativity on future assignments. According to Turaz, “all the credit, praise and financial rewards consistently go to the actors” while the creators who shape the artistic vision are overlooked.

Turaz demanded that writers be given their deserved respect. He insisted that actors must refrain from stealing the spotlight and recognize the valuable roles of their collaborators. Using strong language, Turaz questioned why performers partner with directors and writers if they intend to ignore their influence.

Echoing similar sentiments, Bhansali previously said that actors have a tendency to “hijack” ownership of a production when, in reality, strong performances result from the combined efforts of many artistic talents both in front and behind the camera.

While actors undoubtedly play a central part in bringing stories to life, it is clear that the contributions of musicians, cinematographers, costume designers and other crew should not be left out of the accolades for a project's success. A balanced approach that credits all key contributors fairly seems necessary to promote continued excellence across the industry.

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