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Life StyleHow popular Bollywood stars Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal overcame cultural barriers...

How popular Bollywood stars Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal overcame cultural barriers in their interfaith marriage with family support


When actors Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal first found love on the set of their comedy film Fukrey in 2012, little did they know the journey they would embark on as an interfaith couple. In a recent interview, Richa opened up about navigating the cultural differences in their relationship and how the support of their families ultimately helped them strengthen their bond.

While Richa and Ali come from different religious backgrounds, the actress emphasized that true love sees beyond such surface distinctions. “If your immediate family accepts your choice of partner, that is what matters most,” she said. When you fall deeply in love with someone, limitations of faith or community cease to exist.

Naturally, discussing an interfaith relationship with families can feel challenging initially. But Richa credits clear and caring communication for winning over any doubts. “I was honest about my feelings from the beginning,” she noted. Educating loved ones on their partner's actual beliefs, values and also helped alleviate preconceived notions.

The couple opted to legally wed in 2020 under the Special Marriage Act, which allows for civil unions between partners of any religion. They celebrated a second reception two years later once pandemic restrictions eased. “Our families supported us every step of the way,” Richa shared gratefully.

With a baby now on the way, Richa and Ali's story sends a powerful message of inclusiveness and acceptance in Modern . When love is genuine, cultural walls that once seemed tall simply fade into the background. Their growing family is a testament to the beauty of diverse union – and the healing power of empathy, understanding and trust between all parties involved.

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