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EntertainmentImran Khan opens up about dating co-star Lekha Washington and adjusting to...

Imran Khan opens up about dating co-star Lekha Washington and adjusting to living together


Actor opens up about his new relationship and living together

Imran Khan, known for his roles in movies like Delhi Belly and I Hate Luv Stories, has been living alone for the past 5 years after separating from his wife. However, it seems the actor has found love again. In a recent interview, Khan opened up about dating fellow actor Lekha Washington and taking their relationship to the next level by moving in together.

When asked about his current relationship status, Khan confirmed that he has been romantically involved with Washington for a while now. The dating rumors first started during the COVID-19 pandemic when the two actors began spending time together. According to Khan, Washington was the one who brought up the idea of living together after over two years of dating. Though initially hesitant due to enjoying his solo life, Khan agreed it was time for this new chapter.

As someone accustomed to minimalism while living alone, Khan admits the adjustment to household sharing is an ongoing process with its own awkward moments. Where he used to have just 3 plates at home, the couple now owns 15 as they combine their things. Washington prefers different glasses for various drinks while Khan's mug sufficed before. The number of objects in their new home is a funny but relatable debate couples often encounter.

Overall, Khan seems smitten with Washington and comfortable taking this next relationship step after his divorce years ago. Fans of the stars are happy to see them confirm their romance publicly at a wedding event last year. With moving in together, Khan and Washington's dating journey progresses further as they navigate life's changes together.

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