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Simple lifestyle steps to safeguard heart health post-Covid

Post-Covid Rise in Heart Woes has Experts Worried; Simple Lifestyle Changes can Protect Cardiac

The rise in reported heart issues since the start of the pandemic has concerned medical professionals. While Covid-19's effects are still under investigation, sedentary routines adopted during lockdowns seem to have taken a toll. Lack of movement, an increase in stress levels, and poor dietary choices have likely contributed to worsening cardiovascular markers. Experts emphasize addressing modifiable risk factors to safeguard heart health going forward.

Experiencing chest pain, breathlessness or fatigue could signal an unhealthy heart. A cardiologist should evaluate concerning symptoms to rule out underlying issues. However, most cases may be prevented through lifestyle optimization. Making physical activity, nutrition, weight and stress management priorities can go a long way in supporting overall wellness and reducing disease risk.

Doctors recommend at least 150 minutes of exercise weekly, like brisk walking. A balanced diet with ample fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins supports heart function, versus highly processed options. Quitting tobacco, limiting salt and tracking important health markers are also beneficial. While COVID-19's long term cardiac impact remains unclear, small adjustments can help maintain or improve cardiac status in post-pandemic times. Prioritizing lifestyle allows for some control amid uncertainty. With guidance and commitment, citizens can work to positively impact heart health outcomes.

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