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EditorialPolitics must steer clear from Triple Talaq

Politics must steer clear from Triple Talaq


Political parties ought to return clean on their position on triple talaq, a style of divorce provided for in Muslim personal law within which a person will divorce his spouse simply by repeating the word talaq (meaning divorce) thrice — generally even by text message or over Skype. In response to the Supreme Court's question on the government's stand on a Muslim woman's petition to outlaw triple talaq, the govt has taken the clear stand that the procedure violates the Constitution. It has added, to boot, that this kind of divorce isn't a necessary a part of the Muslim faith.

This can be most welcome. All political parties, rather than waffling in worry of attractive the wrath of the Muslim priesthood, ought to take a similar stand while not equivocation. The BJP would possibly or won't ask for to use the triple talaq petition to polarise the voters with an eye fixed on the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections early next year.

The Samajwadi Party and therefore the Congress, that hope to corner a share of the eighteen Muslim pick out Uttar Pradesh, have argued that it's a sensitive issue and may be left to the community. As Arif Mahound Khan told this newspaper (Oct 20), the priesthood can resist the move whichever party holds workplace — it had controlled the Rajiv Gandhi government to ordain to void the progressive monarch Bano judgment that had upheld constitutional values of equality and justice over Muslim personal law.

The rights sure to minorities don't seem to be associate degree exception to, however half and parcel of, the democratic rights the Constitution enshrines. in a very conflict between minority custom or non secular apply and basic democratic rights, it's custom and spiritual apply that has to yield. this can be profane democracy and every one parties should support it.

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