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TechnologyOpenAI to Unveil AI Powered Search Tool in Bid to Rival Google...

OpenAI to Unveil AI Powered Search Tool in Bid to Rival Google Search Dominance


OpenAI to Launch AI Powered Search Tool to Rival Google

Reports indicate that OpenAI, the renowned AI safety lab backed by Microsoft, plans to unveil a new artificial intelligence product on Monday that could give Google a run for its money in the online search market. According to sources familiar with the matter, OpenAI is set to announce a search tool that leverages their powerful ChatGPT conversational model.

OpenAI's new search functionality would allow ChatGPT to scour the web for direct answers to user queries, citing sources and including visual content alongside textual responses. This would help address one of the main limitations of ChatGPT, which currently relies on Bing integration to provide real-time web information to users. The move comes as Google continues expanding their own AI-fueled search features and other players like Perplexity gain traction with innovative AI search interfaces.

Perplexity's AI-native search experience highlights citations and images in results, attracting over 10 million monthly users according to their estimates. Meanwhile, ChatGPT reached 100 million users swiftly after launch but traffic has fluctuated in recent months. OpenAI now aims to fortify ChatGPT's position with a more complete search offering that competes directly in the search engine market led overwhelmingly by Google.

Industry insiders will watch closely to see if OpenAI's new product can challenge Google's search dominance by leveraging cutting-edge language models to deliver a uniquely human-centered search experience. The timing of the anticipated Monday announcement, on the eve of Google I/O, is also sure to raise some eyebrows in the tech community. Only time will tell if OpenAI has what it takes to shake up the competitive search landscape.

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