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TechnologyNvidia unleashes AI powerhouses and robotics breakthroughs at GTC 2024 conference

Nvidia unleashes AI powerhouses and robotics breakthroughs at GTC 2024 conference


Nvidia left no stone unturned at their recent GPU Conference, unveiling a slew of innovations that are set to transform industries and push the boundaries of technology. From unveiling the most powerful AI platform yet to research toward 6G and robots, here are the top announcements that are getting the tech excited.

The star of the show was Nvidia's new Blackwell GPU – a true powerhouse for AI. This gigantic accelerator is made up of two cutting-edge GPUs fused onto a single chip, delivering jaw-dropping performance for the largest and most complex AI models. Nvidia claims Blackwell can boost training speed by 4x and inference throughput by a stunning 30x over previous GPUs.

Not content to stop there, Nvidia also launched the GB200 Superchip – pairing two Blackwell GPUs with an Arm CPU onto a single die. As if that wasn't impressive enough, they stacked these Superchips into towering racks like the NVL72, which incredible packs a mind-boggling 27 trillion parameters of AI muscle into a single system. No challenge will be too great for these beasts.

Beyond raw power, Nvidia also showed how it's optimizing its platforms for the cloud. Both Google and Amazon Web Services pledged to adopt Nvidia's technologies like DGX cloud systems and new Grace CPU, helping unlock generative AI capabilities at massive scale. Startups to giants alike are excited to push the limits of what's possible.

Another highlight was Project GR00T – Nvidia's initiative to develop general-purpose AI for humanoid robots. Through GR00T, robots may soon mimic human movements, understand our speech, and quickly pick up new skills through observation. The new Jetson Thor chip was also unveiled to power these robots of the future.

Of course, Nvidia isn't stopping at today's tech – they revealed a new 6G research platform and collaborations that will help shape next-generation wireless. Plus, expansions for robotics, digital twins, and self-driving cars. After GTC, it's clear Nvidia aims to be at the forefront of emerging technologies that will transform our world. The innovations continue to astound.

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