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Life StyleNutrient-Dense Foods to Start Your Day and Maintain Steady Blood Sugar

Nutrient-Dense Foods to Start Your Day and Maintain Steady Blood Sugar


Starting your morning with the right foods can help you feel energized throughout the day and maintain steady blood sugar levels, which is crucial for overall . The foods you choose first thing in the morning set the tone for how you'll function for the rest of the day.

Nutritionist Ipsita Chakraborty recommends six wholesome options that are gentle on an empty stomach and help stabilize sugar levels. Whole oats are a excellent choice as they contain beta-glucan fiber that forms a gel to delay stomach emptying and glucose absorption. Similarly, barley fiber improves insulin sensitivity and reduces sugar spikes after meals.

Legumes like lentils and black beans supply fiber and protein that work together to moderate glucose levels. Protein and fiber from nuts like almonds and walnuts also aid slow digestion for balanced blood sugar. Leafy greens such as spinach and kale offer essential nutrients with minimal sugars to effectively manage levels. Non-starchy veggies carrots, broccoli are also wise picks for keeping levels on an even keel.

However, increasing fiber intake should be gradual to allow adjustment, as it could cause minor discomfort for some. Those with existing conditions like diabetes must monitor their responses. It's also important to watch for allergies or medication interactions. Overall, making small diet changes backed by medical guidance can make a difference in sustaining vitality all day long.

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