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Life StyleAlia Bhatt Gets Candid About Overcoming 'Working Child's Guilt' While Filming Overseas...

Alia Bhatt Gets Candid About Overcoming ‘Working Child’s Guilt’ While Filming Overseas Blockbuster


Alia Bhatt, one of 's biggest stars, has shed light on combating “working child's guilt” during the filming of her debut. In a recent interview with her mother Soni Razdan, the Highway actor spoke about experiencing immense emotions while pregnant and shooting for Netflix's blockbuster spy thriller Heart of Stone in London.

Bhatt said there were nights during filming where she struggled to sleep due to overwhelming feelings of responsibility and worry over not being with her family. “I couldn't sleep for three days as I questioned if I was being a good daughter while pursuing my work internationally,” she remarked.

Razdan empathized with her daughter's situation, stating that even today, Bhatt works tirelessly on her mental wellbeing. “Some days she feels anxious about not returning our calls or giving us enough attention,” Razdan commented.

This concept of “working child's guilt” refers to the emotional strain children often face when their busy careers limit family time. According to expert Dr. Sanju Sidaraddi, children in such situations frequently question their self-worth. However, open communication between parents and children can ease these concerns.

Dr. Sidaraddi advises families to foster an where children feel safe expressing emotions without judgment. Additionally, parents must reassure kids that their affection is unconditional, regardless of time spent together. With realistic expectations and a balanced approach to work-life responsibilities, feelings of guilt can be significantly reduced.

Bhatt's experience highlights the mental challenges many successful individuals combat privately. By opening up, she hopes to normalize discussions around wellbeing and reduce the stigma surrounding emotions in high-pressure careers. Her courage to publicly overcome struggles may aid others facing similar inner conflicts.

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