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    EntertainmentNew action film fails to live up to hype of acclaimed hits...

    New action film fails to live up to hype of acclaimed hits John Wick and The Raid


    The recently released action thriller film “Kill” directed by Nikhil Nagesh Bhat had drawn comparisons to acclaimed hits like “John Wick” and “The Raid” due to its intense action sequences featuring the lead character engaging in combat with numerous opponents. However, according to this review, those comparisons were vastly overstated and the film ultimately did not live up to the level of filmmaking craft and expertise demonstrated in the works it was being likened to.

    The film tells the straightforward story of an elite commando named Amrit who is riding a train with his girlfriend and her family when the journey is hijacked by a group of bandits led by the flamboyant Fani. When his girlfriend is tragically killed during the standoff, Amrit embarks on a brutal path of vengeance against Fani and his cohorts. While the basic plot points follow a predictable revenge formula, the execution is where the film falters according to the critique.

    Rather than employing long continuous shots and choreography that immerse the viewer in the kinetic intensity as seen in the best action movies, “Kill” relies on excessive editing that serves to disrupt the flow and obscure the details of fights. With locations and positioning of characters frequently unclear, it is difficult to follow the action or become emotionally invested in the stunt work and risks undertaken. Furthermore, repetitive shooting styles cause the sequences to blend together monotonously rather than build tension or variety.

    The critique asserts that true skill in the genre lies in captivating camerawork that makes viewers feel as if they are participants in the action, not spectators watching from a distance. By missing this mark, “Kill” squanders opportunities to elevate its value or engage audiences on a visceral level. Overall, while the film tries its hand at replicating proven action formulas, it falls short of justifying comparisons to contemporary masters of the craft. For fans hoping it might reach such heights, the end result reportedly delivers disappointment rather than the exhilaration promised.

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