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    Life StyleMidlife exercise key to better older age physical health in women, suggests...

    Midlife exercise key to better older age physical health in women, suggests study


    The benefits of regular physical activity for overall wellbeing are well documented. However, a recent sheds new light on the pivotal age when women should focus on exercise to gain maximum perks in their senior years.

    According to a study published in PLOS Medicine journal, females who engaged in at least 150 minutes of exercise every week and achieved this fitness target by 55 experienced significantly higher physical functioning scores compared to their less active counterparts when surveyed around age 70.

    The authors noted that becoming active in mid-50s allows one to potentially make up for lack of earlier movement and maintain good physical abilities in later life. This reinforces public health messages advocating lifestyle changes like regular workouts in midlife that can positively impact future health.

    Dr. [Name], a chief gynecologist, explains that kickstarting workouts by 55 yields notable physical advantages. Women initiating exercise at this age or sustaining activity levels tended to report better capacities. The research tracked females in late 40s to early 50s and found 150-minute exercisers had higher scores. Beginning earlier is ideal to ingrain habits, but 55 presents benefits over delaying further, she adds.

    The specialist recommends combining aerobic activities like brisk walking with muscle building exercises twice weekly. This balanced routine ensures holistic benefits including cardiovascular fitness, strength and endurance.

    While increasing activity, women should consider existing health issues and discuss tailored plans with physicians. Regular exercise, with care, can aid management of conditions like diabetes or relief of chronic aches.

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