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EntertainmentMarvel's "X-Men '97" Reboots Iconic Heroes For A New Generation On Disney+

Marvel’s “X-Men ’97” Reboots Iconic Heroes For A New Generation On Disney+


With the much-hyped revival of the classic X-Men animated series now streaming on Disney+, Marvel is hoping for a nostalgia-fuelled resurgence of its mutant superheroes. But is the new show just empty marketing or a formidable force for the future?

In the year 2024, over 25 years since we last saw them, Professor Xavier and his X-Men return in “X-Men '97” – a direct sequel to the beloved 90s cartoon. Picking up the story from where it left off, the show finds Cyclops and Jean Grey leading the mutants in Xavier's absence, as a more accepting is still facing threats from anti-mutant forces.

The premiere episode wastes no time dropping viewers back into the action, as the X-Men clash with robotic Sentinels and uncover a nefarious plot. Long-time villains also resurface to cause trouble once more. But with its self-contained 30-minute episodes, does the new series have what it takes to truly captivate modern audiences?

While pleasing long-time fans with its classic style and roster of faces, “X-Men '97” doesn't quite reach the complexity of today's superhero tales. Its episodic format lacks broader narrative arcs. However, for a new generation of mutants, the show is a breezily entertaining introduction. Iconic themes and voices return to bring the X-Men to life once more on screen.

With its nostalgia-fueled revival online, Marvel is reigniting the flames of its mutant empire. Although just a warm-up, “X-Men '97” gets the danger room heated for bigger battles to come. The past may be prologue, but the X-Men's future is about to get a whole lot more exciting.

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