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    Man’s Esophagus Blocked by Dry Chia Seeds – What You Need to Know

    “Man's Rare Medical Emergency After Eating Chia Seeds – What You Need to Know”

    A recent medical case highlights an unusual complication that can potentially occur after consuming chia seeds. According to doctors from a private hospital in Mumbai, a 32-year old man was brought to the emergency room with difficulty swallowing and chest pain.

    Upon examination, doctors discovered the man's esophagus (food pipe) was choked with a hardened lump that was obstructing his swallowing. After conducting scanning tests and an endoscopy procedure, medical experts identified the cause as dry chia seeds that were absorbed in his esophagus, swelling up due to moisture.

    It is common for chia seeds to absorb liquid and form a gel-like consistency. However, in this case the man had directly consumed dry chia seeds without drinking enough water. This caused the seeds to swell inside his esophagus rather than dissolving properly. The hardened mass blocked his swallowing passage, resulting in the medical crisis.

    Doctors explained that chia seeds need ample hydration to avoid such adverse reactions inside the body's passageways. Their advice is to always drink water along with or after eating the popular superfood. The obstruction was successfully removed through an endoscopy procedure and the patient recovered fully within a few days.

    This rare case highlights the importance of proper hydration when including chia seeds in the diet. Following recommended serving guidelines and eating them with water or hydrating foods can help prevent any unintended health issues. For most people, chia seeds are a healthy part of a balanced diet when consumed appropriately.

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