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Life StyleMalaika Arora opens up about fitness, girly get-togethers and balancing indulgence

Malaika Arora opens up about fitness, girly get-togethers and balancing indulgence


Malaika Arora is renowned for her inspiring fitness routine and envy-worthy style. But what do her nights with best friends look like and how does she maintain balance? In an exclusive interview, the versatile star provided a glimpse into these aspects of her life.

On fitness, Arora expressed that consistency and listening to her body have been central to her mantra over the years. Her approach has evolved from a performance-centric one to prioritizing well-being from within. “It's become an integral part of my lifestyle,” she shared.

When asked about finding balance with treats, Arora stressed moderation is key. “I enjoy my favorites occasionally while focusing on healthy, nutritious meals,” she said. Her ultimate cheat includes pizza or pasta paired with a decadent dessert enjoyed completely guilt-free.

On get-togethers with her girl gang of Karisma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan and sister Amrita, Arora described an atmosphere filled with positive energy. “Each brings their unique flavor and while we all know how to party, there's no single life of the bash,” she amusingly added.

With social media perils, Arora's strategy is focusing on authenticity and not letting negativity impact her. She exuded positivity throughout the enlightening interview, giving readers a glimpse into her principles for success across multiple domains.

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