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TechnologyLogitech Executive Delphine Donne Discusses Women's Advancement in the Tech Industry: "It's...

Logitech Executive Delphine Donne Discusses Women’s Advancement in the Tech Industry: “It’s About Creating Equity”


Delphine Donné, Logitech's VP & General Manager Group – Personal Workspace Solutions, found herself in the tech industry “purely by chance” and said has tried to simplify people's lives driven by her passion.

 “I've come to realise that offers incredible opportunities to create product solutions that enhance people's lives, making them more productive and comfortable,” said Donné.

Not an easy path

“My unexpected journey into the tech industry began when I relocated from Canada to the UK to work for Kensington. This led me to join Logitech in California 18 years ago, where I've had an incredible experience. Logitech's inclusive and emphasis on individuality, open communication, and innovation have been instrumental in shaping my career,” shared Donné who began as a product manager in California and later moved to Shanghai to establish the first R&D department in China.

As the General Manager, Donné oversees global business marketing, innovation strategies, and product development for a diverse product portfolio generating around $2.5 billion in revenue annually. With teams across Europe, Asia, and the US, she advocates for a hybrid work environment, balancing office and remote work.

Donné, who was born in France, said she was passionate about technology from a young age. “I've always been fascinated by how things work and how they're built.” Regardless of her passion, her path was not an easy one. “When I was younger, I often felt like an outsider in a field dominated by men. It was challenging to find role models who looked like me or shared similar experiences,” she added. 

Affecting change

When asked about how she promotes diversity and inclusivity at the workplace, Donné recounted the time when she realised that “one size does not fit all”.

“As the general manager for creativity and productivity in 2018, I encountered a challenge with the size of our products, particularly the MX vertical mouse, which, although successful, was too large for me to use comfortably due to my petite stature. This realisation prompted me to advocate for a more diverse product portfolio, considering that one size does not fit all, especially in the categories under my responsibility,” said Donné, who initiated the development of a vertical mouse tailored specifically for women. 

This not only resulted in a more diverse team working on the product but also contributed to a significant increase in the representation of women in her group. According to Donné, despite the initial resistance, the project eventually led to the launch of the Logitech Lift Mouse, which went on to become one of Logitech's best-selling products in 2023. 

On women in STEM careers

Logitech, in collaboration with Ipsos , recently conducted market research in India. The findings of the research highlighted societal biases and lack of access to resources as the main barriers for women. 

“One of the key findings was the prevalence of stereotypes dictating who should pursue careers in STEM fields. It is crucial for young girls to receive encouragement from their parents, teachers, and role models, and to gain exposure to successful women in technology,” Donné said, acknowledging that the biases women face are similar across nations. 

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