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    InternationalJulian Assange Awaits Sentencing After Years of Legal Battles Over Classified Leaks

    Julian Assange Awaits Sentencing After Years of Legal Battles Over Classified Leaks


    Wikileaks Founder Awaits Sentencing After Violating Espionage Act

    While responsible whistleblowers help expose wrongdoing, the founder of the controversial website Wikileaks may soon face prison time in the United States. Julian Assange has been held in a London prison since 2019 as his extradition case proceeds. Last year, he pleaded guilty to violating espionage laws related to his role in publishing classified US government documents online.

    The Australian activist came to prominence over a decade ago when Wikileaks published thousands of secret US military files and diplomatic cables leaked by army private Chelsea Manning. This disclosure shined a light on sensitive topics like civilian casualties in Iraq and corruption issues around the . Supporters argued it was important for citizens to have access to such inner workings of power. However, prosecutors argued Assange caused serious damage by recklessly dumping reams of secret material without taking precautions to redact names.

    While Sweden once sought to question Assange over separate allegations that were later dropped, American authorities have long sought to indict him. Now after years of legal wrangling, he faces over a 175 year sentence if extradited and convicted on all 18 counts under the Espionage Act. With sentencing coming up, debate continues over whether Assange is a hero or villain who endangered lives with his disclosures. As the case develops further, it remains to be seen what consequences will follow for empowering transparency, even at the risk of compromising security.

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