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Life StyleJanhvi Kapoor opens up about experiencing a panic attack during 'Dhadak' promotions...

Janhvi Kapoor opens up about experiencing a panic attack during ‘Dhadak’ promotions after mother Sridevi’s sudden demise


‘Revisiting difficult memories sparked anxiety'

Promoting her eagerly awaited debut film proved an emotionally challenging time for young actress Janhvi Kapoor as the memory of her mother's sudden death still weighed heavy on her mind. In a candid interview, the starlet opened up about experiencing severe anxiety during a televised dance performance that paid tribute to the late legendary actress Sridevi.

It has been widely reported how close Janhvi and Sridevi shared an unbreakable bond, with the actress understandably distraught in the aftermath of her mother's passing away just before the release of Dhadak. Speaking about the troubled film promotions, Janhvi recalled being caught completely off guard while appearing on a popular dance reality show. With no prior knowledge of the heartfelt montage in Sridevi's honor, the tribute featuring songs and of her mother overwhelmed the grieving starlet.

In her words, “the wounds were still very raw” as she revisited those difficult memories from a time when her came crashing down. Overcome with emotions on stage, Janhvi fled in a state of panic, struggling for breath in her dressing room away from the spotlight. While the footage was cut from the final broadcast, the actress now hopes sharing her vulnerable experience encourages more open discussions around mental well-being.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is also important to manage stressors according to psychologist Dr. Neerja Agarwal. With the right coping mechanisms and professional help, individuals can better handle triggers and difficult situations as Janhvi continues courageously embracing life's challenges. Her heartbreaking story serves as an important reminder of the importance supporting one another through humanity's shared struggles.

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