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EditorialIllegal Third Degree Torture!

Illegal Third Degree Torture!


Third degree torture is not a new term in the country as allegedly people in police custody often face this severe violation of human rights but with allegations made by Hyderabad businessman Arun Ramchandra Pillai while challenging his arrest and remand in a money laundering case related to the alleged Delhi Excise Policy Scam in Delhi High Court. He claimed “third degree” methods were applied to him to obtain information, the question which comes to mind is whether the third degree torture is legal or cops take things for granted while taking law into their hands every time they use aforementioned methods for torturing people in the name of investigation.
It is sorry state of affairs that despite third-degree torture or any form of torture is not legal in , it existed across the country rather galore with many cases of custodial deaths surfacing due to this curse. Torture is a violation of human rights and is explicitly prohibited under both Indian and laws.
The Constitution of India protects the right to life and personal liberty, and the Supreme Court of India has ruled in its verdicts that torture is a gross violation of these rights. India is a signatory to international treaties such as the United Nations Convention against torture and other cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment, which obliges the government to take measures to prevent and punish those behind abetting torture.
Additionally, the Protection of Human Rights Act in India provides for the establishment of human rights commissions to investigate and address complaints of torture and human rights violations. While the law prohibits torture, there have been instances of its occurrence in abundance showing that a lot of work has to be accomplished to end this scourge.
Efforts continue to be made to prevent and address such cases through legal and institutional mechanisms, and individuals and organizations in India advocate for the protection of human rights and the eradication of torture of any sort.
Third degree in particular refers to brutality by police officers interrogating an accused and there are many alibis in the volley of cops to justify this cruel method of probing things despite the fact that policing has become hi-tech with scientific approach becoming handy eliminating the use of the aforesaid primitive methods to force accused men and women to confess the even if they are innocent as third degree itself is dreadful and shatters the confidence of ordinary people although extra-ordinary have the potential to bear this level of barbarism and inhumanity.

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