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TechnologyHP Envy Move Desktop Computer Review - A Portable All-in-One With a...

HP Envy Move Desktop Computer Review – A Portable All-in-One With a Built-In Handle


A desktop computer is traditionally meant to stay in one spot, but HP’s new Envy Move turns that idea on its head. This all-in-one brings mobility to the desktop form factor with its built-in handle and wheels, allowing users to work from any room in the house.

As a tech reviewer, I’m used to testing different devices but often find myself sticking to a desktop for its large screen and power. However, the Envy Move changed that by making the desktop just as portable as a laptop. Its sturdy carrying handle extends out of the back to grip with one hand, while small wheels on the bottom allow it to roll between rooms easily.

Setting up the Envy Move is simple thanks to its automated feet. When placed down, small metal legs flip out from the bottom edge to provide stability on any surface. And when picking it up, they silently retract to keep the profile slim.

The 24-inch touchscreen offers plenty of workspace whether editing documents or browsing websites. And its thin bezels maximize the screen real estate. Inside is a speedy Intel Core processor and SSD for quickly launching apps and multitasking.

While on the move, the Envy Move can also be used away from an outlet for up to 4 hours thanks to its built-in battery. This allowed me to enjoy streaming movies from the comfort of my couch without hunting for an outlet.

Overall, the Envy Move showed me that a desktop doesn’t need to be stationary. For those wanting a powerful all-in-one that can go anywhere in the home, this desktop provides an elegant solution. The added perk of mobility has made it my new go-to work machine.

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