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TechnologyHow AI is set to revolutionize the smartphone experience through a more...

How AI is set to revolutionize the smartphone experience through a more pervasive role across interfaces


The way we interact with our smartphones is all set for a major change thanks to the increasing role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across user interfaces, according to a top executive at leading smartphone maker Motorola.

Ruben Castano, Global Head of Customer Experience and Design at Motorola Mobility, indicated in a recent interaction that AI will play a much more central role in how users engage with their phones going forward.

“AI will continue to become more pervasive across the entire user interface. You can imagine a future where AI takes advantage of this to become truly proactive and an assistant for consumers,” said Castano.

Key aspects where AI is expected to make a big difference include making experiences consistent across all linked devices, improving cameras through computational photography and powering new on-device features & wallpaper options through advanced AI models.

Motorola's recently launched Edge 50 Pro is at the forefront of this AI-centric approach, featuring several innovative capabilities only made possible through the use of generative AI models.

From AI-powered photography to a unique in-phone AI theme generator tool and more, the Edge 50 Pro promises to deliver a more personalized experience for users in a way not seen before on smartphones.

While other brands like Samsung and Google are also working on bringing generative AI capabilities to their flagship products, Motorola aims to differentiate through its approach of optimizing AI for mobility and delivering features exclusively through on-device computational power.

As AI integration continues to deepen, experts agree this could breathe new life into an industry struggling with diminished hardware innovation in recent times, all while enhancing the overall user experience on our most important devices. Exciting times clearly lie ahead as AI reshapes the mobile landscape!

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