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Life StyleHeatwave Linked to Rising Eye Stroke Cases in India - Symptoms, Risk...

Heatwave Linked to Rising Eye Stroke Cases in India – Symptoms, Risk Factors and Prevention


As the sweltering summer heatwave continues its unrelenting grip across large parts of , a concerning spike in eye stroke or retinal artery occlusion cases is prompting experts to sound the alarm. Retinal artery occlusion occurs when blood flow to the retina is disrupted, often due to blood clots or plaque buildup in the delicate eye vessels.

Doctors have noted a clear association between periods of prolonged high temperatures and rising eye stroke instances. The body's natural responses to extreme heat can raise risks in several ways. Dehydration from sweat loss thickens the blood and increases clotting potential. Heat stress also causes blood vessels to constrict, elevating blockage risk in the eye's small arteries.

Certain demographics and those with pre-existing conditions face even higher vulnerability. Older individuals, males, and people with diabetes or cardiovascular illnesses like hypertension are among the most susceptible. Routine problems can become amplified during heatwaves, underscoring the need for heightened precautions.

Staying cool and well-hydrated are prime defenses. Drinking plenty of water and limiting time outdoors when temperatures peak can prevent dehydration. Those with chronic diseases must rigourously manage their conditions with medication and regular checkups. Appropriate protective eyewear and avoiding strenuous exertion in intense warmth provide added safeguards.

Simple lifestyle modifications can further lower occurrence likelihood. Maintaining cardiovascular health through diet, exercise and stress control plus adhering to prescribed therapies help optimize vascular function. Routine eye exams by specialists allow early problem detection. With proactive steps and caution during heatwaves, the risk of this serious eye condition can be significantly reduced.

As summers grow warmer due to climate shifts, prioritizing preventative actions will prove increasingly important for eye and overall health. By understanding risk factors and tailoring protective measures, communities can build resilience against heat-related strokes. With awareness and preparation, their impact can be minimized.

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