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    Life StyleFoods To Avoid Consuming With Your Daily Cup of Tea

    Foods To Avoid Consuming With Your Daily Cup of Tea


    As millions of Indians enjoy their daily cup of chai, often accompanied by a snack, it's important to understand how certain food pairings can impact one's and diminish the benefits of this beloved beverage. While tea tastes great with many options, dieticians warn about combining it with particular foods that may cause digestive issues or reduce nutrient absorption.

    Ganuri Anand, a respected nutrition expert, outlined 6 food groups that are best not consumed with tea:

    Citrus fruits like lemon are commonly added to chai but in large amounts can upset the stomach due to high acidity interacting with tannins found in tea leaves. Spicy foods like chili peppers also contain compounds that boost stomach acid, risking indigestion when mixed with tannins.

    Foods rich in iron and calcium crucial for our wellness may impair tea's benefits if eaten together. The tannins and oxalates in tea can limit iron absorption from plants foods and supplements. Similarly, calcium-rich greens bind to antioxidants in tea reducing their potency.

    Refined carbs and sugars found in processed snacks undermine tea's ability to stabilize blood sugar by spiking insulin levels. Frequent intake boosts health risks like metabolic syndrome versus tea's protective qualities.

    Very hot tea followed by very cold foods stresses the digestive system, which dieticians advise letting liquids cool before eating. Variations in temperature within the stomach increase discomfort feelings like nausea.

    Tea type also influences pairings. Black tea with its higher tannin content poses more issues than green tea when combined with highly acidic or iron-rich choices. However, all teas retain nutritional value best with lighter, fresher fare over dairy which can diminish antioxidant effects.

    While an occasional indulgence likely brings no serious harm, making informed choices ensures fully reaping tea's optimum health advantages in both the short and long run. Small adjustments to common tea-time habits can make a difference.

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