Life StyleEffective tips to prevent smelly feet and keep them fresh all summer

Effective tips to prevent smelly feet and keep them fresh all summer


As temperatures soar across , maintaining hygiene becomes even more important. Our feet tend to sweat more in the scorching heat which can lead to unpleasant foot odour if not cared for properly. But don't let stinky feet ruin your summer fun. Here are some tried-and-tested tips by dermatology expert Dr. Rasya Dixit to help you beat the heat and foot odour.

What causes our feet to smell? As sweat gets trapped in closed footwear, it provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. This leads to increased production of odor-causing compounds. Those with conditions like diabetes are also at higher risk.

So how can you ensure sock-fresh feet all day? Opt for breathable sandals or shoes whenever possible instead of tight-fitting plastic ones. Change socks daily to keep feet dry. Wash feet thoroughly with soap after taking off shoes and also inspect between toes for any infections.

For those prone to fungal growth, antifungal powder can also be used. When buying new footwear, look for cotton fabrics and hygienic materials that wick away moisture. Proper hygiene practices like daily washing, nail trimming along with self-examination can help battle foot odour all summer long.

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