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    Do all nuts need soaking? Find out which provide maximum nutrients raw

    Nutrition experts weigh in on soaking nuts before eating

    Some nuts are best enjoyed in their raw, unsoaked state to gain maximum nutrients, according to dietitians. While soaking is often recommended for improving digestibility of nuts, consuming certain varieties without soaking allows for retaining their natural flavors and nutrient profiles.

    Preeti Nagar, a registered dietitian, notes that almonds, walnuts and others are considered more nutritious when left in their unprocessed form. Soaking can deplete certain phytochemicals and minerals to some extent depending on the type and duration. That said, it does reduce compounds like phytates that inhibit absorption of minerals from the gut.

    The expert advises choosing the preparation method based on individual needs and preferences, emphasizing the important of listening to bodily cues. While soaking makes minerals more bioavailable due to breaking down of phytates, some nutrients may get lost in the process as well.

    Explaining further, Nagar states that soaking activates enzymes facilitating easier breakdown and uptake of nutrients. This diminishes anti-nutrients and improves their assimilation in the body. Regarding recommended amounts, she suggests a moderate daily intake of around an ounce or a handful of mixed nuts for optimum benefits without excess calories.

    In conclusion, a balanced or rotated approach to soaked and unsoaked varieties is best suited for diverse nutrition as different nuts offer unique profiles. Consultation with a dietician can help decide what works best according to individual dietary patterns and gastrointestinal tolerance.

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