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    TechnologyApple and Google Usher in New Era of Smartphone AI

    Apple and Google Usher in New Era of Smartphone AI


    “Artificial Intelligence Takes Smartphones to the Next Level”

    Advancements in artificial intelligence are set to transform the way we use our smartphones. Leading tech giants Apple and Google recently unveiled major software updates bringing powerful AI capabilities to iPhones and Android devices.

    Using sophisticated machine learning models, smartphones will soon be able to take on tasks previously thought to require human intelligence. Apple revealed it has completely redesigned Siri utilizing its new “Apple Intelligence” system, enabling iPhone users to speak more naturally with the virtual assistant. With the processing done on-device rather than servers, Siri can understand conversations better and tackle complex requests. It will also generate personalized images inside messages based on users' .

    Not to be outdone, Google announced wide-ranging AI features coming to Android phones under the “Gemini Nano” project. Pixel owners can already use AI to automatically summarize long audio clips or detect potential scams during calls. An improved tool helps students solve math problems by circling expressions on photos of homework. Significantly, text formatting and rewriting will become possible inside Google's Messages app through its “Magic Compose” function.

    In a win for cross-platform communication, iOS will adopt the RCS messaging standard practiced by Android. Images and sent between iPhones and rivals will have higher quality going forward, smoothing the notorious “green bubble effect”. Apple is also scheduling text delivery to respect others' availability.

    As AI becomes deeply embedded in our day-to-day mobile experiences, smartphones are poised to evolve into intelligent assistants readily equipped for an expanding array of tasks. The innovations promise to make interacting with our devices even more natural and productive.

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