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Life StyleDiscover this locally grown Indian superfruit that rivals cranberries' health benefits

Discover this locally grown Indian superfruit that rivals cranberries’ health benefits


The jungle berry that challenges cranberries

While cranberries have received widespread recognition as a superfruit, many may not be familiar with an Indian berry that rivals it for nutritional density. Karonda, also known as the jungle berry, is receiving more attention as studies reveal its potent antioxidant and vitamin C content. Nutrition experts compare it favorably to cranberries and say it deserves more recognition as a locally grown superfood.

Similar in appearance to cranberries with its vibrant red hue, karonda offers a tart yet subtly sweet flavor profile. It naturally grows across southern regions of during the monsoon season. Traditionally used in pickles and jams, karonda is a versatile ingredient that enhances both savory and sweet dishes.

Beyond taste, clinical dietician Vedika Premani notes that karonda outpaces cranberries in key nutrients. It contains more vitamin C per serving to boost immunity. Abundant fiber promotes digestive and heart as well. Flavonoids and anthocyanins give karonda strong antioxidant properties, which may help reduce chronic disease risk over time. Additional vitamins and minerals provide a nutritious package.

While cranberries boast a nutrition profile as well, karonda has the advantage of local availability at a lower cost compared to imported cranberries. Premani recommends incorporating more homegrown superfoods when possible. Not only do they retain maximum nutrients from less transportation, but supporting local farmers also leaves a smaller environmental footprint.

For those seeking a cost-effective, locally sourced vitamin C powerhouse with similar delicious tartness to cranberries, karonda may be the perfect match. Both fruits offer benefits when included as part of a balanced, varied diet. So consider adding this underestimated jungle berry to your plate for a nutritional boost.

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