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ICMR Issues Strong Advisory to Completely Remove Added Sugar from Daily Diets

Experts Urge Complete Elimination of Added Sugar from Daily Diets

Public officials are sounding the alarm on added sugar, recommending it be completely removed from people's daily food intake. According to a new advisory, sugar provides no nutritional benefits beyond empty calories. shows excessive sugar consumption is linked to many chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the top medical research body in the country, issued the guidance after a thorough review of scientific evidence. Their conclusion – added sugar should have no place in a healthy, balanced diet. Sugar that occurs naturally in fruits is fine, but heavily processed forms like white sugar, honey and syrups offer zero nutrients. With facing rising rates of non-communicable diseases, slashing sugar is vital for public wellness.

“Added sugar has no nutritive value other than providing calories. People tend to underestimate the amount of sugar added to foods and beverages,” explained ICMR's director-general. Daily intake should come from natural sources within fruits, but otherwise sugar provides only an empty source of calories. With sugar creeping into many grocery products, its elimination may not be easy but will benefit citizens' health significantly in the long run.

Health professionals implore the public to scrutinize nutrition labels, check ingredient lists for various names of sugar, and decrease sugar-heavy snacks and drinks. Small reductions of just 100 calories daily from sugar can help prevent weight gain. With the guidance of nutrition experts, a sugar-free diet is totally possible and much healthier for overall well-being.

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