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    Life StyleArmaan Malik hits fellow Bigg Boss contestant for objectionable remarks on wife

    Armaan Malik hits fellow Bigg Boss contestant for objectionable remarks on wife


    The ongoing season of the popular reality show Bigg Boss Over The Top (OTT) witnessed yet another dramatic turn of events after popular singer and contestant Armaan Malik lost his cool and hit fellow housemate Vishal Pandey. According to reports, the incident took place after Armaan’s ex-wife Payal Malik, who visited the house as a guest, revealed certain objectionable remarks made by Vishal about Armaan’s current wife Kritika Malik.

    Payal is reported to have shared video clips from inside the house where Vishal is seen making flirtatious comments about Kritika during a casual conversation with another contestant. She also claimed that Vishal checked Kritika out inappropriately during her workout session in the garden area. Hearing these revelations seemed to have angered Armaan, who then confronted Vishal and ended up slapping him during a heated argument.

    The incident invited mixed reactions from audiences as well as other housemates. While many felt Armaan’s actions were justified given the nature of the comments, others opposed any kind of violence. Host Anil Kapoor, who reviewed the matter closely, condemned the physical assault but acknowledged that certain remarks violated the show’s code of conduct. He announced Armaan would be nominated for the entire season as a consequence.

    The controversy has certainly spiced up the drama quotient of the reality show even further. It will be interesting to see if the issue is addressed further during the upcoming episodes and if any other punishment awaits the contestants involved. For now, Armaan’s fans are throwing their support behind him but the matter also highlights the challenges of living with strangers 24×7 under the constant watch of cameras.

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