TechnologyApple stealthily primes devices and software for a generative AI future

Apple stealthily primes devices and software for a generative AI future


A revolution is brewing in the land of Apple and you might have missed the signs. While rivals aggressively adopt AI, Apple has been quietly moving its core towards a generative future. Behind the scenes, Cupertino is readying devices and apps for a system-wide shift.

Siri may seem outdated compared to Alexa and Assistant today. But Apple launched the AI era with Siri, rolling out voice interaction years ago. New research shows Apple isn't stopping at voice – it aims to integrate generative AI across products.

Though ChatGPT and other chatbots run in data centers, Apple likely wants privacy-focused local processing. A recent paper outlines running large language models on devices. Recent model releases like Ferret and other papers optimize AI for phones and laptops.

Skeptics doubt Apple's ability to compete without commercializing cutting-edge tools. But Apple CEO Tim Cook hints at “incredible AI potential.” Its focus remains incorporating intelligence into iconic devices rather than partner projects.

Microsoft and others rush to market, but Apple takes the long view. After laying groundwork, it will overhaul operating systems for generative capabilities. Expect Siri's rebirth as a conversational helper at WWDC.

Behind the curtain, Apple stitches AI throughout. With a people-first approach and years of research, get ready for a transformed user experience that elevates Apple for the next generation. The shift comes soon – the revolution is already in motion.

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