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EntertainmentAlia Bhatt and Sabyasachi make waves at Met Gala with stunning India-inspired...

Alia Bhatt and Sabyasachi make waves at Met Gala with stunning India-inspired sari


Alia Bhatt's stunning Sabyasachi sari steals the spotlight at Met Gala

superstar Alia Bhatt emerged as the most talked-about celebrity on social media from this year's exclusive Met Gala, thanks to her exquisite sari designed by renowned Indian couturier Sabyasachi. The intricate handiwork on Alia's custom sari created a huge buzz online, showcasing Indian fashion on a global scale.

Alia's second appearance at the prestigious Met Gala was a major success for both the actress and Sabyasachi's label. of her traditional yet modern sari flooded social networks, garnering massive engagement from enthusiastic fans. Data indicates Alia's social mentions alone translated to an incredible $4.2 million in earned media value.

Sabyasachi also benefited tremendously from the cultural moment. Featuring delicate silk floss embroidery, beads and stones embroidered by 163 craftsmen over 3,800 hours, Alia's sari captured hearts from to America. The designer's earned publicity from the viral sari pictures exceeded $471k – more than well-known luxury brands. This put Sabyasachi above global powerhouses, a clear sign of India's emerging soft power.

Earned media value measures organic social reach without advertising. High engagement on Alia's photos through likes, comments and shares significantly boosted this metric. Her prior Gucci association at Milan Fashion Week also raked in $3.8 million. Alia is cementing her status as a pioneering crossover star, exporting Indian aesthetics worldwide.

The synergy between Alia's star charisma and Sabyasachi's masterpieces created symbolic resonance far beyond red carpets. Their viral team-up sparked engaging dialogs on cultural appreciation, new-age traditions and diversity triumphing in exclusive domains. Together, they redefined global fashion's horizons in a style that was distinctly desi yet universally admired.

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