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Technology7 Hidden Google Messages Features That Make Texting Smarter

7 Hidden Google Messages Features That Make Texting Smarter


While instant messaging apps have taken over conversations for many, text messaging is still one of the most widely used methods of communication. With built-in RCS support and other hidden features, the Google Messages app on Android provides a better texting experience than you might realize. Here are some of its nifty functions you may have overlooked.

Send Messages Over Data for Unlimited Texting
Tired of hitting the daily SMS limit? By enabling RCS in Google Messages, you can send texts using your data instead of SMS. Get read receipts, see typing indicators and send longer messages without character limits.

Access Messages from Any Device
You no longer need to be tethered to just your phone. Link additional devices like tablets to your Google Messages account to send and receive texts on the go from any Android device using the web app.

Schedule Messages for Later Delivery
Sometimes it’s better to send that text at a more convenient time. Google Messages lets you compose messages as drafts and schedule them to be delivered hours or days in advance, so your message is sent when you want it to be.

Automatically Delete One-Time Passcodes
If your inbox is filling up with temporary verification codes, the app can auto-trash them for you after 24 hours so they don’t linger. Adjust text organization settings to keep your conversations neatly decluttered.

Get Transcripts of Voice Messages
Hate trying to make out what that voice memo said? Google Messages transcribes audio clips into readable text, so you can catch up without having to listen each time.

Reply to Chats Without Leaving Your App
Bubbles let you tap back instantly to ongoing message threads from anywhere on your phone screen. Perfect for multitaskers who want quick access without app switching.

Take Advantage of Helpful Suggested Actions
Let AI lend a hand by using suggested replies, stickers and actions tailored to your conversation. The app learns how you communicate and provide response options at your fingertips.

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