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22nd & 26th January: A week full of religious & national celebrations!


Er. Jayesh Rane, Mumbai

The experienced a grand and divine ceremony of Lord Shri Rama's temple. January 22, 2024 has become a memorable date for many. There are many famous temples in . But the discussion of the Ram temple so far and the spirit of Lord Ram created in India on this occasion was a feeling of happiness. Along with this, those moments were also to increase the anticipation of better days ahead in the country against this backdrop. Of course, the good days means the Ram Rajya of Maryadapurushottam Lord Sri Ram. In a state where murders – riots – insecurity – lies – corruption etc. will not get the chance to disturb the people. It is said that during Ram Rajya's reign, there was no fear of theft even if gold was attached to a stick. It is certain that a lot of effort will be required to create such a situation in the country.

How negative powers are working continuously to break the barrier of India's security. This comes to light when the grins of the terrorists who are preparing to carry out the attack are revealed. Because of this, their tactics are ruined. But this reveals their bad intentions and how alert should every citizen be? There is a lesson for this too. Ram Raya has come. But it is equally important to play the role of honestly fulfilling the responsibility of bringing the Ram Rajya that they expect. That responsibility is also huge.

We don't remember ever experiencing such a divine – wonderful spirit experienced by the whole of India on the occasion of Ram Mandir ceremony. What is special is that the common people participated in creating this mood. Therefore, this mood creation became different. It was also realized that when common people are passionately involved in something, that thing is bound to be magnificent. There is no substitute for public participation. This is highlighted. Numerous Karsevaks fought for Ram Mandir. Took bullets – Endured lathi charge – Imprisoned – Sacrificed life. Sacrifice word should fall small infront of what Karsevak did ? Every next generation should know this sacrifice. How is sacrifice not to create hatred towards any sect? And if one concentrates on the fulfillment of a aim, it can make the impossible possible. Just to know that.

A long wait of 500 years for the construction of the temple of the adorable deity, which is a place of worship for many Indians. The fierce physical struggle that preceded it – the court battle and the subsequent construction of the Ram temple – happened for the first time in the history of the world. If the goal is fixed, the effort required to achieve it is not a problem. India needed a Ram Mandir, not to belittle anyone by saying we have done it, but to allow the Ram sevak to bow before the deity with reverence, to be absorbed.

The city of Ayodhya has gained special importance on the world map due to Ram Mandir. The people of the place are taking evidence of this from the Bhoomi Pujan program of the temple. Now, as the world's attention is drawn towards this sector, it is expected that new changes will be seen here in terms of the convenience of the Ram Sevak. Because the infrastructure available there plays a vital role in the development of any area. This sector has given India recognition in the world. There will also be an obligation to maintain it. There are many temples in India. They have acquired the form of tourism. So it can be seen that the religion there is disappearing somewhere. Because when you go to a tourist spot, it seems to be going on like fun. Newly married couples also visit this place for their honeymoon. They intend to see God and have a honeymoon. But both points are different. Why the honeymoon while going to Goddarshan? Because of us, the righteousness is suffering. Shold think on it seriously. In fact, we should understand these things. But ignoring towards them, priority is given for enjoyment & feet are placed on two stones at the same time. Religious places should not become tourist destinations. Daily puja – aarti – bhajan are going on at that place. There are many tourist destinations in the country to celebrate honeymoon. This point should be considered seriously. Where are you going for the tour after marriage? When this question is asked to a newly married couple, many of them take the names of religious places and insist that it is also their honeymoon destination. This must stop. Religion is fine in the place of religion and tourism is fine in the place of tourism. Both things should not be considered as one.

India is celebrating Republic Day this week after the ecstatic arrival of Lord Sri Ram. It has to be called a big festival for the countrymen. On one side is the grand religious festival and on the other is the annual national festival. In a single week, the countrymen are witnessing a grand festival, both religious and national. The Makar Sankranti festival brings sweetness every year in the month of January. Now, on the occasion of Ram Mandir, more indelible sweetness has been poured into it.

India is making great leaps in the field of defense . India was known for being the largest importer of arms in Asia. The same country is now becoming a leading exporter of arms. 15,900 crores in the year 2022-23, India's exports in the defense sector are noteworthy. Whereas in the year 2016-17 this export was 1521 crores. It now has a tenfold increase and the goal is to export 25 thousand crores in the next 5 years. In the field of defense, America, Israel and other countries are dominant. When such strong competitors have already established a foothold in the market in this sector, it is noteworthy that India has also jumped to the heights of success. How are Chinese goods? The world is aware of this. Out of this, Pakistan is believing in that fraudulent product and is showing India a big eye on that strength.

The spectacular Republic Day celebrations and the display of the country's defense power are spectacular. India is continuously progressing in this field. No matter how many meetings and conferences are held at the global level, which countries are doing the work of turning the water on peace? This is well known. Although everything seems to be peaceful, there is no telling which country will rise up with murderous zeal for any trivial reason and start a direct war. Therefore, it is better to protect the country by keeping the defense prepared and keeping in mind the changing global equations with time. The prime importance of India to it is not hidden.

India's defining characteristic and prominently noticed by the world is its restraint and courage to come to the aid of an enemy country like Pakistan in difficult times like natural calamities. Because India has always given priority to the humanity. There, humanity is considered important, ignoring enmity. India has not become an expansionist country like China, which actually lives the broad concept of ‘Whole world is our home'. It is because of the teachings of this Indian .

Cutting the ropes of culture, if only material and scientific progress continues, the selfish attitude of ‘yours thins are also mine' starts to strengthen. Which is what neighboring country China is doing in relation to India today. And doing the mischief of empowering Pakistan. Only the words expansionism – deceit – infiltration – conspiracy have shelter there. Pakistan is dreaming of defending itself while wallowing in it and China is aspiring to become a world superpower. However, it is certain that both of them have lost sleep due to progress in various fields of India. India's progress in defense technology has only added to their misery. India's image is rising globally. Confidence is building towards Indian people. For India, the golden age has begun. The world has been looking at India with optimistic, confident expectations since the Corona era and India has stood true to that test. Multinational companies are coming here to do business thinking that they should also participate in the big market of Asia. India's progress from Surya to Chandra with taking the name of Lord Shriram has been a clear and thorough answer to the critics.

The Indian economy will be strengthened with the arrival of Lord Shri Ram. how is it ? The world will witness this. Ram is ideal. Therefore, it is certain that India's next horse race will take place only by witnessing them. India has been a spiritual land since ancient times. Many monks and saints reside here. Progress in the fields of technology, science and commerce along with education is the positive side of India. India is the only country in the world with such progress. It's worth being proud of. Even if the goal is big, we have to keep our feet on the ground and keep moving.


(The writer is an analyst on various subjects like social, educational, technical, political, economic, revenue, religious, arts, international affairs, defence, agriculture etc.)






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