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TechnologyWhy Your iPhone May Stop Charging At 80%

Why Your iPhone May Stop Charging At 80%


If you've noticed lately that your iPhone refuses to charge past the 80% mark, especially on hot summer days, there's no need to worry – it's actually designed to work this way. Many users have taken to social media expressing concern over their devices seeming to hit a charging roadblock right around 80%, but the reason behind it is both smart and safe.

The truth is, iPhones are programmed with temperature regulation to help protect the battery during periods of overheating. When an iPhone gets too warm, either from high ambient temperatures or from charging, it will temporarily pause the charging process to avoid potential damage. With temperatures soaring all across the country lately, it's no surprise that more iPhones are hitting their designed thermal thresholds.

So what can you do about it? Patience is key – once the phone cools down naturally, charging will automatically resume on its own. Using a wired charger instead of wireless can also help draw less heat when temperatures are up. Charging in an air-conditioned space or removing your phone case are additional small steps that may allow it to dissipate heat more effectively as well.

What not to do is try “cooling” methods like submerging the phone, using ice, or sticking it in the freezer. Ingress protection can degrade over time, and these forced cooling techniques risk permanently harming internal components. No repair is covered if water or freezing causes issues. It's always best to let take its natural course for safe charging.

With a little understanding of the phone's built-in safety features, you can stop worrying about that 80% mark and feel reassured it's just Apple's design protecting your investment for the long haul.

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