Who Cares?

It is really a sad state of affairs as far as the General Category (GC) population is concerned in and , because in the name of providing succor to the deprived, the rights and interests of people who do not fall in any reservation category have been critically dented. The assurance given to Gujjars and Bakerwals by the authorities sitting at the helm, regarding the preservation of their rights in the proposal for reservation to Paharis and certain other ethnic groups, hints at further reduction of the already limited quota allocated for the GC community.

The new reservation set-up for J&K proposed by the government, awaiting final nod from the President of D. Murmu after getting green signals from both lower and upper houses of the Parliament shall further suffocate the people not enjoying any preferential treatment under any of the reservation categories as their share is surely going to shrink as it has become obvious after the assurance from both Centre and the LG's administration in J&K.

Anyone having slightest idea of how governments' work in the country can easily gauge that the decision to include Paharis in the reservation gamut is nothing but an attempt to increase vote share of the party in command but what is surprising is the fact that the governments in the UT and the Centre are concerned about the rights of Gujjars and Bakerwals as they vowed not to change their reservation status but what about the General Category pool, as no one is concerned about snatching away more from their handful of share as Paharis' reservation will obviously affect general category population's rights but who cares?

Why the helmsmen are not afraid of repercussion by the general category people like the case of Gujjars and Bakerwals, because every government channel has tried to ameliorate the aforesaid category of people by giving assurances that their percentage of reservation shall not be touched despite reservation to Paharis.

The gist of the issue is that general category population is a divided lot, and therefore the dispensations both at the Centre and in the UT never shirk to take the entire block for granted as in case of bestowing good percentage of reservation from GC category to Paharis without even taking this strewn group of people into confidence.

It is right time that General Category people should ponder over the issue and stop entities from exploiting them just for the sake of a few thousand votes as the career of children of General Category population is at stake and those sitting at helm seem to be phlegmatic and indifferent towards this significant aspect.