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SportsVirat Kohli Hopeful T20 World Cup in US Will Expand Cricket's Global...

Virat Kohli Hopeful T20 World Cup in US Will Expand Cricket’s Global Reach


“Kohli Talks About the Significance of First Ever in US”

The highly anticipated T20 Cricket World Cup is set to take place later this year in the United States for the very first time. This monumental event is a clear sign of how the popularity of the sport has been spreading globally. Indian cricket legend Virat Kohli recently spoke about the importance and impact this will have, both for cricket fans in America as well as for the continued growth of the game worldwide.

In a recent interview, Kohli expressed his surprise that a major cricket tournament would be held in the US. “I never imagined seeing competitive cricket played in America,” he stated. However, he acknowledged this shows just how far the reach of cricket has expanded outside its traditional strongholds. By hosting the T20 World Cup, the US is embracing cricket and exposing more local fans to the excitement of the sport.

Kohli believes starting the World Cup in America can start a “domino effect” in generating even more interest Stateside. With the large South Asian diaspora already living in the US, there is potential for those communities to spread their passion for the game and introduce new audiences. Multiple franchise T20 leagues are also launching which will help develop the sport at a grassroots level. If successful, it could lead to regular team tours and domestic competitions being established.

In concluding, the batting legend expressed his optimism for cricket's future growth prospects worldwide thanks to this high-profile tournament in the US. It marks a “great start” towards establishing a permanent cricketing footprint outside Asia and getting more recognition from mainstream American sports fans. With continued investment and effort, Kohli sees no limits on how broad the appeal of T20 cricket can become globally in the coming years.

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