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Understanding the Hidden Internal Struggles of C-PTSD Through its Subtle Signs and Silent Battles

Visibly Calm Yet Internally Turbulent – Understanding the Hidden Struggles of C-PTSD

While mental trauma often leaves visible scars, Complex PTSD can present itself through silent yet disruptive internal struggles. Therapist Linda Meredith sheds light on recognizing the signs of this disorder's hidden battles.

Complex PTSD or C-PTSD affects individuals who experienced prolonged childhood trauma. In addition to classic PTSD symptoms like intrusive memories and hypervigilance, people with C-PTSD also struggle with interpersonal difficulties and negative self-concept. However, due to C-PTSD's internal nature, its signs may go unnoticed on the surface.

Meredith notes that behind composed exteriors often lies an invisible turbulent inner for C-PTSD sufferers. Navigating developmental trauma's disruptions internally makes understanding and recovery crucial. Read on to learn about some key signs of C-PTSD's silent struggles according to the therapist.

  • Sudden emotional fluctuations: Trauma's long-term effects cause unpredictable and inconsistent mood swings as emotion regulation feels beyond control.
  • Relentless self-doubt: An inner critic constantly shames oneself, questioning every action in a struggle with low self-worth.
  • Intrusive past flashbacks: Distressing memories randomly resurface disrupting focus and equilibrium despite appearing fine outwardly.
  • Avoidance behaviours: Social circles and experiences get restricted to prevent re-traumatization from triggering situations and people.
  • Persistent hyper-vigilance: Distraction and rest remain elusive as trauma leaves the mind constantly awaiting future threats.
  • Difficulty with intimacy: Trust issues stemming from past betrayals cause reluctance to form close emotional bonds.
  • Pervasive emptiness: Feeling detached, apathetic and disconnected internally while seeming socially engaged.

By recognizing C-PTSD's subtle signs, individuals and their communities can better understand the disorder and support its silent struggles and recovery process. Its hidden disruptions require acknowledgment for holistic healing from developmental traumas.

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