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OpinionsTryst with P.S.C.

Tryst with P.S.C.


Dr. K. C. Sharma

  1. After going through reactions of junior doctors on new appointments by J&K PSC, editorials & letters to editor etc and finally stay by honorable high court. My own tryst with PSC along with my many colleagues who suffered and lefts the state in mere desperation will give a deeper account of P.S.C. functioning. Being first among half a dozen M.S. (Gen Surg) in J&K with higher merit from Delhi University (MAM College) with 2 years experience of research fellowship, I applied for B – Grade post in 1970, rejected for want of 2 yrs experience after P.G. whereas service manual reads “MS with 2 yrs experience in the specialty” the essential word “AFTER” does not exists here. Therefore the benefit of non existence of this word was given to blue – eyed boys, selecting those who were registered before PG with MBBS or registrars during PG as was routine in GMC Srinagar during those days. Majority of B – Grade specialists selected in all specialties had passed their P.G. within 15 days to 1 year only. How could their experience of registrar ship could be considered when they had not yet acquired the basic PG degree essential for the post. But this all is reality. Both worked “Money & Safarish”. Nobody in PSC cared that experience is only after acquisition of basic degree required for the post and not before or during study period.
  2. At least two posts I know of were kept vacant for 2 yrs till their blue – eyed boys did PG and got selected immediately after doing PG i.e. landed at Srinagar airport rushed to Secretariate and an order duly typed & signed was waiting for them.
  3. In one PSC interview unusually two of us were called in the interview room together and not interviewed for want of experience but when result was declared on other colleagues was selected. Please don't get surprised! If we had no required experience. Why did they call for interview at all?
  4. In one interview as per their assumption I was short of 3 days experience when applied for. But on the day of interview it was over by 3 months but the member told me that we consider experience till the last date of application and not on the date of interview why?
  5. Much later when I interviewed an interviewer expect to J&K PSC at AIIMS Now Delhi. He told the truth. “I rejected one lady for want of necessary experience as she could not justify her work after P.G. I told her in clear terms that she was looking after her children when her husband was preparing for P.G. By the way looking after children is neither academic nor teaching experience but chairman insisted on her selection. I signed a blank paper and left.” She was selected.
  6. Two doctors were selected in absentia without any interview though they did not join, as they were well adjusted somewhere else, now one is in Australia & other in England.
  7. When I found that every body junior and with less merit has been selected, a current rolled in my mind “Apni nazron main bhe na rahi kuch keemat apni jab sa tum na nazaron sa gira rakha hai”. In 4th/ 5th interview I carried a hand grenade to blast all but what prevented me was the thought of my poor family which may perish and also those old virtually dead members as compared to my long creative & useful tenure of life a head for the society achieved with tremendous difficulties. Why should I waste my life for the follies of these old people?
  8. For one interview, road to Srinagar was blocked but to land slides at three places. No air tickets were available due to rush. I approached Div. Commissioner after reaching from Poonch for tickets but no avail. Finally rang up to chairman. P.S.C. for postponement but refused without considering Air & Road blocks. Finally I reached Srinagar after changing taxi at three places & Crossed slip areas on foot. PSC never considered the natural calamities.
  9. I was posted at & my Wife was to appear for B – Grade. In place of sending an interview to her at Udhampur a telegram was sent to me at Kargil (obviously intentional). Which I received on the day of interview to be held at Jammu when all roads were blocked. This time I knew the chairman and one member, who on observing absent one candidate scrutinized the interview letter mistake of sending to husband of candidate, telephoned CMO Udhampur and also sent a special massanger to inform the doctor to attend interview. However she was interviewed next day & selected.
  10. On 1st Jan six of us met chairman to impress on him, that number of attempts & marks must be taken into account. He replied those who failed many times have worked in a better institutions for long time hence more experienced than you who are serving in rural areas without basic surgical facilities” we knew the candidate with multiple attempts & lower marks whom he was propagating and was selected. One of the members when I met him in person advised me to study last few issues of Readers Digest out of which we usually ask question.
  11. One of my friend who was the only one candidate in J&K with qualification required for the post was rejected four times & PSC waited for blue – eyed boy who was still studying. His fifth interview was as follows:- After reading his bio – data in his presence to other members:-

Q: Who was Sheikh Saadi? Asked a member.

Reply: I was refuse to answer to your Q.

Other member: All right if you don't know about Sheikh Saadi who was Shirazi?

Reply: I again refuse to answer your Q.

Chairman: You have no manners! If you had not to reply our Q why did you Come for interview & waste time of P.S.C.?

I remained mum but made myself up right in chair when I was sitting relaxed.

Chairman: You can go.

When I moved to door, they called me again.

Chairman: Dr. X we what to help you please reply our Q.

Now was my time to talk: Mr. Chairman: don't realize that you are face to face a profound scholar on the subject known in this country and ask me these trifling and irrelevant Q who was Sheikh Saadi & Sherazi and on the other hand you are tryiong to teach me manners! Pointing towards expert from Delhi. I said “Mr. Expert how did I fare in my last four interviews? “You did Well” was his reply but kept his eye lid down. Ask them (Pointing other members) why didn't they select me then? And also tell them that you were my student. You must go through the bio – data of candidate before you sit here as expert to de justice. Don't come here to take “GUSHTABAS” and enjoy local courtesy and scenic beauty which is always secondary. I put some books and published papers written by me on the table and advised them to study at home. All were dumb founded and none had the courage to ask me anything more. After waiting for few minutes in silence from all, I left the room on my own never appear. They recommended that the “doctor had misbehaved in P.S.C. hence rejected” which I came to know many years later.

  1. I presented a list of 9 candidates I knew of international repute who were rejected by J&K P.S.C. and tried to convince them that your mode of selection is out dated, lies in ignorance and intellectual bankrupsy that is why the P.S.C. rejected lot excelled in their respective fields all over & abroad where as professional achievement of those selected are no where visible in last 35 years except hankering in the corridors of power and expert in sycophancy.
  2. My friend stimulated my thought & decided not to let these still living (most of them dead) members go scot free and re interviewed the living few after 25 – 30 yrs so that they do not die in peace for their crimes done towards the brilliant but rejected candidates. Their opinion was virtually synonymous.
  3. We do invite experts as desired by some of the appearing candidates.
  4. In case some expert resent we over rule him.
  5. We have invited candidates to fill the form just before interview and selected them. Frequently we extended the date to accommodate such candidates.
  6. We do manage to select the blue – eyed boys.
  7. We give no consideration if any candidate could not appear due to natural calamities or circumstances beyond his control but for well connected people.

“Look Dr. Sharma – this has been happening during kings' period, is happening today and will continue to happen” and finally one of the living chairman has no regrets even after accepting all above and dictating me the points himself.


Neend pichhli sadi sa zakhmi hai,

Khwab agli sadi ka dekhte hain.

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