Total Solar Eclipse 2024: Experience a once-in-a-lifetime event online for free

Are you eager to witness the rare total solar eclipse happening on April 8th but unable to see it locally? Don't fret, you can still be a part of this cosmic show by tuning in online – totally free of cost.

Taking place between the United States, Canada and parts of Mexico, the moon will cast its shadow on Earth and block the sun's light for a couple of minutes. While this celestial phenomenon won't be visible to the naked eye from most places, including , comes to the rescue.

Leading science organizations like NASA understand people's curiosity to see an eclipse and have arranged live online broadcasts. Their stream will go live around 10:30 PM IST on April 8th, providing multiple telescope views of the eclipse from different locations.

Another noteworthy online viewing event is being hosted by the renowned McDonald Observatory in Texas. In addition to spectacular telescope footage, they will have interesting interviews with eclipse experts answering people's questions.

Even if you miss out on witnessing the total solar eclipse in person, these free virtual options allow anyone with an internet connection to be a spectator from the comfort of their home. Don't hesitate to mark your calendars and tune in to experience this astronomical marvel unfolding across the skies without stepping out. After all, such celestial rarities are meant to be shared with one and all.