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Tihar jail says Arvind Kejriwal’s vitals normal after AAP alleges he has lost 4.5 kg since arrest


New Delhi, Apr 3: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has been rapidly losing weight since his arrest on March 21, senior AAP leader Atishi claimed on Wednesday and accused the BJP of putting his at risk by keeping him in jail.

She said the Aam Aadmi Party would seek legal help over the chief minister's health condition.

However, the administration of Tihar jail, where Kejriwal is lodged till April 15, said his weight had been constant since his judicial custody began. A senior Tihar jail official said the chief minister's vitals are normal.

“Upon arrival on April 1, Kejriwal was examined by two doctors and all vitals were normal. Also, his weight is constant at 65 kg till date. Home-cooked food is being provided as per the court order,” the jail administration said in a statement.

As per official records from the Tihar jail, Kejriwal's weight was 65 kg, sugar level 139 (random blood sugar) and blood pressure (BP) was recorded 120/82 on April 1.

The weight remained at 65 kg, sugar level increased to 182 (RBS) and BP stood at 121/83 on April 2. His weight was recorded at 65 kg, sugar level at 140 (RBS) and BP was 116/82.

Kejriwal was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate in an excise policy-linked money laundering case. He has been sent to judicial custody till April 15.

Addressing a press conference, Atishi said Kejriwal is a severe diabetic and his sugar level needs to be monitored at regular intervals throughout the day.

“Ever since he has been arrested by the BJP-led Central government, there is a serious threat to his health. When he was in ED's custody, his sugar level dropped thrice.

“His sugar level once dropped down to 46 mg/dL, which could be life-threatening. He has lost 4.5 kg weight in the past 12 days. Being a diabetic patient, losing so much weight in such a short time can lead to severe complications,” she said.

His medicines, insulin injections, food, and diet have to be according to the fluctuating sugar level.

Severe diabetes can lead to various health complications, it can affect a person's heart, kidneys, eyes, and the entire nervous system, the Delhi minister said.

“He never allowed his diabetes and his health to become a hindrance in serving the country. He even went on hunger strike despite his health condition — once in Sunder Nagri and another at Jantar Mantar. Day and night, he thinks and works for the welfare of Delhi's population. He goes to different parts of the country, without caring about his health, to serve the people,” she stressed.

She charged that the BJP wants to crush Kejriwal, and the AAP and “they can go to any lengths to do that”.

“If anything happens to the health of Arvind Kejriwal in custody, the country will not forgive you, even God will not forgive you. You have stooped down to this level only to crush him,” she said.

Atishi said they will seek legal help following the Delhi High Court's decision on Kejriwal's plea challenging his arrest.

Later, in a statement, while responding to the official statement of Tihar prison authorities, she said, “The day ED took him in custody, his weight was 69.5 kg. As of today, his weight is 65 kg. He has lost 4.5 kg in the last 12 days.”

Addressing a press conference, AAP MLA Dilip Pandey reiterated Atishi's claims and said it was on record that Kejriwal's weight has gone down to 65 kg from 69.5 kg.

“Kejriwal is hope of people of the country, the BJP should not do dirty with his health. Kejriwal's weight before arrest was 69.5 kg, which has reduced to 65 kg in 12 days. Without following a diet plan, Kejriwal's weight has decreased by 4.5 kg.

“We are worried and afraid about his health, because the BJP can do anything to serve its political interests,” Pandey said.

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