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This Unnoticed Skin Condition Among Diabetics Can Predict Hidden Liver Damage

With diabetes on the rise in , identifying associated problems early is crucial. Now, a simple skin check may unveil hidden liver damage according to a new study.

A distinctive skin condition called Acanthosis Nigricans (AN) is becoming a major red flag for liver problems in diabetics. Seen as darkened, thickened patches of skin typically around the neck, it occurs in 15-20% of type 2 diabetics in the country.

Researchers analyzed 150 people with type 2 diabetes – half with AN and half without. Aside from physical assessments, they used sonography and Fibroscan testing to examine livers. A strong link was revealed between AN severity and biomarkers of insulin resistance, fatty liver, and scarring (fibrosis).

Characterized by a dark, velvety texture, AN develops in body folds from excess insulin levels. While often overlooked, it served as a reliable indicator for underlying liver issues in this study. Dr. Anoop Misra of Fortis Hospital calls it a “simple gateway” to investigate organ damage through affordable investigations.

The implications are big. By recognizing AN on near 100 million Indian diabetics, asymptomatic liver disease can be caught sooner. Early detection enables lifestyle and medical steps to prevent further harm. And by selecting At-risk AN patients for scans, healthcare costs are optimized.

With diabetes continuing to boom, making the most of accessible clues like Acanthosis Nigricans is vital for population health. A quick skin check during routine exams could reveal invisible trouble brewing within and set patients up for better outcomes.

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